Got the right stuff?

Put your piloting skills to the test as you loop through hoops to complete each course in record time. No in-app purchase, no ads, just fast-paced aerial racing for a one-time low price.

Hold your nerve as you bank and turn, weaving through hoops as they shrink, rock or spin to knock you from your course in Hooploopn for iPhone and iPod touch.

Simply tilt your phone to perform a banking turn. The harder you bank, the tighter the turn. But watch out – every turn slows you down, costing precious time and if you slow down too much, you’ll stall.

Three different planes are available to choose from to suit beginners through to ace pilots. Unlock new levels with the plane of your choice. If you survive, replay to improve your time or test your metal in a faster bird.

A total of 32 challenging levels across four landscapes awaits! Get it in the App Store now!


Krasi Wasilev at for a texture for a texture

Supascript Hand Lettering

Tutorials at Ray Wenderlich are excellent.

About the Developer

Hooploopn is the first game produced by independent iOS game developer Andrew Gunnion.
Full-time engineer, spare-time independent Swift developer.


XCode 6


Python (numpy, PIL)

SublimeText 3

Garageband for iOS



MS Office for Mac 2011

Privacy Policy

Hooploopn does not gather, collect, store, transfer or interact with user data in anyway. The only data stored by the game is the highscores (best times) for each level per plane type.